Departments & Units

The following are the various departments and units in the church. New members are encourage to join at least one department/unit by filling a membership form online or by manual registration at various department meeting times and places.

Gideon’s Army

This is an intercessory unit of the church. Prayer is the backbone to a healthy Christian life. The unit intercedes for the growth and development of the Church and her Members spiritually, physically, and  financially.

Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Feet is the evangelism and Outreach Department of the Church. It is saddled with the responsibility of weekly evangelism and follow up on all new members and absent members. The department is sub-divided into various units namely:

  • Hospital Evangelism Unit
  • Prison Evangelism Unit
  • Door to Door Evangelism Unit
  • Tract Unit i.e. Production and Distribution of tracts and flyers.
  • Bus Evangelism Unit

Household Praise

This department is divided into 3 units for the glorious praise and worship of God in wonderful ways. These are:

  • Praise Team (Worship Leaders)
  • Instrumentalists
  • Choristers

Welfare Department

The welfare department caters for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the Church’s members and communities.

The department takes responsibility for:

  • The poor and needy in the congregation
  • Visitation and care of the sick, widows, and the old in the church and environments
  • Financial empowerment for members business development and growth, etc.

Ushering Department

This department welcomes worshipers to the church, offering them seats and directing sitting arrangements in the church during church services. In addition to the usual ushering duties, the sub-units shall carry out the following duties as appended.

  • Mary and Martha: Cares for the Men of God on the pulpit
  • Sanctuary Keepers: Keeping the Church, its facilities, and its environment clean all the time
  • Rainbow Unit: This unit shall see to the beautification and decoration of the church for every celebration services, and other programs in the church. 

The Lord’s Horn

The Lord’s Horn is the Media and Publicity department of the church. This department is responsible for the production and circulation, and marketing of church bulletins, magazines and journals,  audio and video tapes and CDs. The department is provisioned with two separate units

  • Posters and Banners Unit
  • Photographers and Video Cameramen

Sunday School Department

This department is made up of proven men and women of God with the ability to interpret scriptures during Sunday School service before the Sunday Celebration Service.

Protocol Department

This department is charged with the security issues within the church auditorium as well attend to other matters of protocol such as

  • Airport arrival and departure of Men and Women of God in the church
  • Hotel accommodation for visiting Ministers
  • Transportation of Ministers
  • All comfort of church guests.

Security Department

This department is charged with the security matters outside the church auditorium, within church premises, and also on crusade grounds.

Treasury Team

This department is responsible for cash collection, counting, and reconciliation of offerings and donations during church services and programs.

Technical Department

This department takes responsibility of all the electrical and electronic gadgets in the church during and after church services and programs. This department is subdivided into three units:

  • Lightings: Unit responsible for lightings at church services or crusades and other programs
  • Sounds: Unit responsible for the electrical sound instruments in the church and at other programs
  • Audio and Video: Unit responsible for the care of audio and video gadgets in the church.

Marriage Committee

As a home and family building department of new and prospective marital couples in the church, they see to the following:

  • Physical and Spiritual Preparation of prospective couples for marriage
  • Counselling married couples
  • Other marriage related duties.

Kingdom Builders

This is a department for all professionals and business men and women in the church. within the department, different units shall be set up to offer free services to poor members of the local congregation. E.g.

  • Medical Unit –  Doctors and Nurses shall hold periodic free clinical services, diagnoses, and prescriptions. etc.
  • Other professional bodies shall be responsible for  organizing  free services applicable in their various fields of  profession.

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