Yinka Yusuf Power Crusade

About Yinka Yusuf Power Crusade

This is the arm of Love For All Nations Ministries which majors in organizing crusades and outreach meetings touching the lives of those outside the four walls of the church. It was built on the mandate the Lord gave to Rev. Yinka Yusuf several years ago when the Lord instructed him to take the message of the cross across the nations of the world.

Yinka Yusuf’s first outing had him on a wooden soapbox at a small gathering of people shouting at the top of his voice through a small public address system adequate for about a hundred people. But today with God on our side the story has changed. God has been true to His Word, and YYPC has successfully organized major evangelistic crusades in most major state capitals and cities across Nigeria, especially in northern Nigeria, the stronghold of Islam.

YYPC has also carried the gospel to other African countries: South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Uganda and other parts of Africa.

Today YYPC organizes crusades attended by hundreds of thousands of people in a single meeting, rating it as one of the major outreach evangelistic ministries in Africa. God has also blessed the YYPC with equipments adequate for over five hundred thousand sitting capacity in a single meeting.

In 2008, The YYPC shall continue in an aggressive tour in taking the message of the cross across most southern states in Nigeria, and other parts of the world. 2008 will also witness the YYPC in some of the darkest countries in West and East Africa demonstrating the power of Jesus Christ over witchcraft, Voodoo and all the forces of darkness that have bound and held the people captive. You can prayerfully be a part of this great army.

The YYPC, is also planning and establishing evangelistic liaison offices in various nations of the world, this is to provide adequate networking for reputable evangelism in other to facilitate the spreading of the gospel through the help of committed partners across the world.

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