Failure- Proof Christian Living

Topic: Failure- Proof Christian Living
Text: 2 Peter 1:1-10
Success comes with actionable test.
A key ingredient to help avoid failure is knowledge (Knowledge of God). The more revelation knowledge you have, the more grace carry, and the grace you carry can be increased. Grace can be multiplied.
Whatever you fail to learn in life easily will teach you a lesson in future. Experience is not the best answer.
How To Actualize The Promises of God

  1. Faith alone can not do it:
    Things to add to your faith;
  • Add Virtue (Virtue is moral excellence and character)
  • Add Knowledge (Facts that is the truth)
  • Add Temperance (Moderation in all things we do)
  • Add Patience (Operate in God’s timing and be patient)
  • Add Godliness (Conformity to the things of God)
  • Add brotherly kindness (Giving to those in need)
  • Add Charity (Love)
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