Early Years

Born to a Muslim family, Rev Yinka was raised according to Islamic rites and beliefs in the ancient city of Gusau, Zamfara state in Nigeria. His father DR B.S. Yusuf, now late, was a well known and renowned Islamic leader in northern Nigeria. Without the slightest hint of the amazing transformation that would ensue later in his life, young Yinka pursued educational goals and was rewarded with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology. He is an Alumnus of the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria. In his quest to establish himself in a chosen profession, he pursued career oriented objectives until it became evident that God had a different plan and purpose for his life, this marked a fresh start and a new beginning.

His Conversion

A fellow student of the same institution was instrumental in the introduction of Christ to the then naive Yinka, this angel later became his wife and long time partner, a marital union that has continued to blossom with every passing year. Also an alumnus of Ahmadu Bello University, Rev. (Mrs) Rose Yusuf was the vessel that God employed to introduce his son to a new spiritual relationship that he had never experienced before, the same spiritual relationship that he had earlier condemned and spoke against. Before his conversion, like the biblical Saul of Tarsus, the man Yinka Yusuf had fiercely fought against the gospel, disorganizing and disrupting crusade meetings. He harbored a deep hatred for Christianity, a spiritual belief which he now embraces with an undying passion. Unlike many converts of his time, he stood firm by his decision for Christ despite the pains of rejection and persecution he suffered from his own people. His conversion became phenomenal because coming from a very strong Islamic background; he became an example and a beckon of light to many other Muslim converts as well as Christians.

The Calling

Often caught in moments of deep depression caused by feelings of rejection from family, friends and loved ones, Yinka as an emotionally torn and struggling young convert was able to find solace and love in the Word of God. The need for answers further stirred up a desire and hunger for a deeper relationship with Christ. Based on his background he knew that only the manifest power and presence of God could bring about true conviction and repentance.

This hunger for God led him into times of deep communion with the Holy Spirit, this gave birth to an unusual insight and revelation of the person of the Holy Spirit. The Lord later called and commissioned him to preach the Word with signs, wonders and miracles. Love for All Nations Ministries (LFAN) is the product of that call.

After several years of pastoral ministry, in the year 1998, Reverend Yinka Yusuf had an amazing encounter with the Lord on board an aircraft, enroute South Africa. The Lord Jesus appeared to him with blood dripping from his nail pierced palms and speaking with an emotion laden voice He said

Son carry my cross across the nations of the earth, I am calling you because someone else refused me and if you refuse I will call another
The impact of that encounter was so heavy upon the life of Rev. Yinka Yusuf that to date the fire still burns intensely in him, propelling him to carry the message of the cross across the nations. Yinka Yusuf Power Crusades (YYPC) today rates as one of the leading evangelistic ministries, organizing crusade meetings in Nigeria and other nations of the world.

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